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Caring For Your Tan


To extend the life of your glamorous spray tan, it is important to prepare your skin before your appointment.

  • Do not shave or exfoliate within 6 hours of your appointment. Do not shave again until 24 hours after your appointment,

  • Avoid using moisturizers and lotions that are not specially formulated for sunless tanning (including products containing oils) before your sunless session. If it smells good, chuck it.

  • Avoid wearing perfumes or make-up that provides a barrier for absorption.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session.


Your tan will last anywhere from 4-7 days. To get the most out of your tan, remember to...

  • Wait at least 8-12 hours before bathing, swimming or coming in contact with water. If you have (or will be getting) a rapid tan, you must shower at the time specified by the spray tan artist depending on how dark you want your tan.

  • DO NOT use a loofah or washcloth while bathing- wash your body with hands ONLY.

  • Anytime you're wet from the shower, working out, pool, ocean, pat your body dry. Do not rub or wipe with the towel.

  • Moisturize daily with a post-sunless product (available at Tanique). Avoid products with AHA, oils, sulfates, parabens, and preservatives.

  • WEAR SUNBLOCK AND REAPPLY often if spending a prolonged period of time in sun exposure.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Your skin is the largest organ of your body- take care of it!


Extend your tan with any of the Sunless Tan Etenders available at Tanique. Don't forget to book your next appointment to maintain your gorgeous tan year-round!


Fully exfoliate your body with Tanique's Essentials Mitt before getting your next tan!


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