What are the benefits?

Having an effective facial exfoliation, it’s a must, especially when you are trying to unveil the natural beauty of your skin.  Dermaplaning brings many benefits to you and they go beyond the fact of getting a healthy-looking skin...

  • Dermaplaning removes all the dead cells and peach fuzz, so at the moment of applying your daily skincare products, they will penetrate easier on the skin delivering better results.


  • This wonderful technique prevents breakouts since it clears out the skin removing all the dead cells that are responsible for clogged pores.


  • Say yes to makeup!... After one session of Dermaplaning, your skin will be smooth and soft, which is perfect for you to get an easy application of your preferred foundation. It is important to let your skin breathe for one day after getting the treatment; once your skin is well settled you can use your favorite makeup and get amazing results.

A beautiful face starts with healthy and beautiful skin!... That’s exactly the result you will get after one session of Dermaplaning. This innovative treatment it’s focused on exfoliating the face and gently scraping the surface of the skin, to remove all the dead cells that might be clogging your pores or making your skin look a bit dull. It also gets rid of that little peach fuzz, so your face will be looking fresh, soft, glowing, and most important, with no more hair!  

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