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A dream look starts with your Lashes...

Have you ever wanted to take your look from fabulous to fabu-LASH?


At Tanique we bring you the greatest selection of treatments for your eyelashes. No matter the occasion, we can give you the most beautiful, healthy lashes!


Eyelash Treatments

Temporary Enhancements

Butterfly Kissez strip eyelashes

Adds depth and volume to your lashes in no time!

Semi-Permanent Enhancements

Classic Lash Extensions

Adds length and shape to your lashes for a truly hands-off approach to your daily eye enhancement routine.


Volume Lash Extensions

Ready for a fuller look? Then Volume is the perfect solution for you! Take your lashes to the next level with our volume lash extension services. 

Russian/ Mega Volume Lash Extensions

*not available at this time

Mini-Set Lash Extension

Add a touch of depth and volume to your lashes. Focusing on the ends and center of your eyes, a mini set will accentuate your eye shape while still looking natural.

Volume Lash Bump

Adds in a few lash fans to give lite density to your Classic lash set.

30-Minute Lash Fill

great for clients who have at least 75% extension retention and are due for a 1 week or less fill-in

45-Minute Lash Fill

great for clients who have at least 60% extension retention and are due for a 1-2 week fill-in

60-Minute Lash Fill

great for clients who have at least 50% extension retention and are due for a 2-3 week fill-in

*If you show less than 50% extension retention, and are looking for a fill-in, please give us a call 240.500.8547

Permanent Enhancements

YUMI Lash Tinting

Adds a little color to your lashes for a full, natural look without the need for mascara. YUMI™ Tint gives you the ability to enhance your natural complexion/beauty through color that compliments your skin tone.


YUMI Lash Lifts

YUMI™ Lashes is the antidote to false eyelashes – a revolutionary method of creating volume or straightening the lashes. Instead of traditional perming, which is what many lash-lifting treatments rely on, YUMI™ Lashes uses the very latest advancements in beauty technology to accentuate the natural eyelash and, therefore, the eye itself.

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