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Static Nails - Bad Gal

Static Nails - Bad Gal

Transform the shape of your nails to match your mood. In seconds, file-up a sexy stiletto, a smooth round, or a classic square shape. Change the length to fit your comfort. Use the file included to easily give Static Nails your own personal touch.
A luxury pop-on manicure set with Swarovski crystals and 3D elements that can be worn again and again. Guaranteed to turn heads, this set is perfect for any occasion: parties, dates, dances, concerts, weddings, interviews or simply a night out downtown.
  • Details

    Each set contains 24 reusable nails in 12 unique sizes for a true fit. For each 3D design we purposely selected 2 slightly larger sized nails to ensure you get to rock the best nails in each set.

    In the Box

    2 Nails with SWAROVSKI Elements
    2 Silver Glitter Nails
    2 “Bad” Nails with 3D Dots
    2 with Nail Shield Design
    2 Matte White with Diamond Graphic
    2 Matte White with 3D Dots
    2 Matte White with Egg Shell Print
    2 Matte with White and Black Diamonds and 3D dots
    8 Black Nails with Galaxy Sparkles

    Size: Medium
    Shape: Oval
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